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Hot Flashes in Men

Hot Flashes in Men

As you think of hot whizzes, you probably think of a woman in perimenopause. But surprisingly, men can also experience the pain of flushing and sweating from hot flashes. In fact according to Harvard Medical School (HMS), although fewer men experience this condition than women do, some men can find hot flashes in the same way troubling as middle-aged women do (HMS, 2009).

The actual Men Adobe flash

Approximately per cent of women are prone to post-menopausal hot flashes when their the amount of estrogen decrease at perimenopause (HMS, 2009). As with women, hormones are the culprit in men’s hot flashes. However, men avoid experience a sharp reduction in their testosterone as they age. Their hormone levels decline only by about one percentage point after age 40 (HMS, 2009). Therefore, almost all men maintain an enough store of testosterone rather than experience hot flashes.

Still, you may find yourself “flashing” if you receive a treatment for prostate cancer called androgen deprivation therapy. Testo-sterone stimulates prostate cell growth–so therapies that reduce androgenic hormone or testosterone levels can help treat prostate cancer. However, when testosterone drops, hot blinks become more common.

HMS estimates that as much as 85 percent of men who are treated with vom männlichen geschlechtshormon deprivation remedy may have hot flashes (HMS, 2009). The Journal of Encouraging Oncology reports that men who have been castrated due to prostate malignancy may experience hot sensations as commonly as women do after menopause (Spetz et al., 2003).

Symptoms in Guys

While the triggers of hormone reduce differ for men and women, the symptoms of hot flashes are the same in both genders. That is, a sensation of heat and flushing comes on suddenly–most intensely in the head and start areas. Heavy sweating and a reddening of the skin may accompany these symptoms.

Such symptoms may pass quickly, averaging about four minutes, and effect in a cold sweating. Some women and men will experience these symptoms infrequently, while others may suffer from them up to ten-times a day (HMS, 2009).

Many men stop having flashes within three to four months of polishing off their androgen deprivation treatment (HMS, 2009). Men who stay on the remedy may continue to undergo from symptoms.

The right way to Deal with Men’s Hot Sensations

Relating to the National Cancers Institute (NCI), three drugs can effectively treat hot flashes in men who have prostate cancer:

  • venlafaxine (Effexor LP), an antidepressant
  • medroxyprogesterone acetate (Gestoral), a progestin hormone therapy
  • cyproterone acetate (Androcur) an antiandrogen hormone remedy (NCI, 2010)

In a 2010 analyze published in Lancet Oncology, all three of these medicines decreased the amount of hot flashes and the level of their intensity. The hormonal remedies were found to be about twice as effective as the antidepressant at symptom treatment (Irani et al., 2010).

Men with hot flashes may get some rest from taking woman hormones as well. HMS reports on research that found 83 percent of men experienced relief from taking estradiol, and 70 to 90 percent reported reductions using megestrol and medroxyprogesterone. The antiseizure medication gabapentin has also recently been found to reduce hot flashes in men (HMS, 2009).

Additionally, the NCI notes that hot flushes in men are not always serious enough to require treatment–so if in doubt, wait it out (NCI, 2010). While being male doesn’t make you immune to hot blinks, you can take the reassurance of knowing that the indication is extremely treatable.





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