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Children’s Health

Your child’s health includes physical, mental and social well-being. Most parents know the basics of keeping children healthy

What causes diaper rash

What causes diaper rash   Diaper rash is an irritation of the skin. It occurs mostly in babies, and it is a common condition. In the United States, it affects up to 35 percent of children under two years old. Most children suffer from it at least once before they …

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Urinary Tract Infection in Children

Urinary Tract Infection in Children Overview A urinary area infection (UTI) in children is a fairly common condition. Bacteria that get into the urethra are usually flushed out through peeing.  when bacteria are not expelled out of your harnröhre, they may grow within the urinary tract. This kind of causes …

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Keeping Your Child’s Mental Health

Keeping Your Child’s Mental Health Gauging Your Children’s Mental Wellness You wonder if your kindergartener’s spending long periods of time exclusively in the room is normal. How frequently may your teen have to throw her math publication against the wall before you understand her problem is not quadratic equations? The …

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About Kids Health

About Kids Health Your choices as a parent commence before your child is even born. From what to feed them to how to discipline, parenting appears to be one choice after another. The choices is made regarding your child’s health will affect them throughout their life. These are decisions best …

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